Jackson Hersch - TE/DL

My name is Jackson Hersch and I play tight end and defensive end. I have an older brother David and two younger sisters Madalyn and Alyssa and my mom Megan. My hobbies are working out and playing video games. My plan for after high school is to get my insurance license.

Ben Cockrum - LB/RB

I love football because of the friendships I’ve been able to build over the years with my teammates and coaches. I live with my parents and have three brothers and two sisters and am the youngest. I also have three nephews. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family, as well as hunting, building legos, playing basketball and track. I plan to attend Cal Baptist and study pre-med.  

Boston Fertig - OL/LB

I love football because it is a chance to compete and have fun with friends.  I live with my parents and siblings and my family is devoted to God. What I enjoy is always finding a way to improve at a sport because a good competition is anyways fun. I plan to go to college and learn what I want to do on the way.

Hank Bisset - OL/DK

My name is Hank Bisset I play offensive guard and defensive tackle. I love football because of the Team camaraderie.  I have a dog and I like to fish. I also cook steaks very well without Kaden Alayan’s help.   My plan after high school is to make a lot of money.

Connor Calvert -Kicker/Punter

Connor Calvert will play a huge role for the Cougars this season in the kicking game. He has worked extremely hard this off season to put himself in this position, and he has even gotten national attention for kicking. He loves football because it creates friendships and memories that last a lifetime, while also creating opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available. His family consists of Dallas Calvert (Mom), Eric Calvert (Dad), and Cody Calvert (Brother). When not playing football, Connor enjoys traveling and spending time with friends. Connor has recently committed to Washington State to continue his football career while studying finance.

Caden Illingworth - WR/LB/ST

I play linebacker, receiver, and long-snap.  I play football because I like competing with my friends and it’s with the same guys I’ve played other sports with since 5th grade. I have 2 younger siblings and my parents own Curbbq. I like to snowboard in the winter and golf in the summer, both of which I’ve found interest in during my time at Mountain View. After high school I hope to be given the opportunity to go play college baseball.

Trevin Harrison - LB/WR

I am 17 years old, and I am a senior at Mountain View High School. The reason I play football is because I get surrounded by a group of brothers by heart and they help me get better every practice. Another reason I like football is because I grew up playing it and it keeps me physically fit and active. I am a middle child, I have one older and one younger brother. Their names are Parker and Krew. My parents names are Bryan and Jennifer Harrison. One of my hobbies is playing golf because I grew up playing it and was taught by a friends dad who is very close to me. Other hobbies I do in my free time are snowmobiling, snowboarding, wake surfing, and the wake foil board. My plans for after high school are to just stay local and go to COCC.

Liam Williams - OL/DL

My name is Liam Williams. I play Center and Defensive Tackle for MVHS. I've been playing football for 8 years, starting in 5th grade. I play football to better myself and spend time with friends. As well as football, I am also a wrestler for MVHS. Both my mom and dad are huge supporters in my life. I have 3 older brothers, with 2 of them also playing football at MVHS. My hobbies include working out, spending time with friends, and golfing. After high school, I plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in finance and eventually earn an MBA, aiming to work in investment banking or private equity.

Easton Herberger - OL/DL

I love football for the competitiveness and the team bonding and relationships I have made. My family includes my parents, Vanessa Drake, Jason Drake, Tim Herberger, Amber Herberger who all support me in my sports and I love all of their help they do for me. My hobbies include hanging out with friends, boating, snowboarding. My plan for after high school is still a little undecided but I am looking into to real-estate and getting my business and construction management degree.  

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Kyler Effingham - OL/DL

My name is Kyler Effingham and I play left tackle on offense.  I love to play football because it is with my friends that I have had for a long time.  I have two dogs and live with my parents.  My hobbies include fishing because it is peaceful and fun.  After high school I would like to become an electrician.  

Elijah Clason - TE/DE

My name is Elijah Clason. I am a senior at Mountain View High School. I play defensive end and wear the number 2. Would like to thank my parents in pushing me to strive for the best and making me the person I am today. After high school, I am looking to become an electrician.

Jackson Cocco - WR/DB

My name is jackson Cocco I’m a senior where I play WR and little bit of corner.  I’ve been playing football since 1st grade so this will be my 11th year playing. I’ve played basically my entire life. I play football because I not only love it but it has taught me lots of life lessons and made some of the best friends I have to this day. Some of the best times and memories I’ve had are from playing football. I live with my mom, dad, sister, and brother who’s also on the football team. Jamison is just 2 years younger than me. Outside of football I like to fish, camp, and hangout with friends. I also like working on my truck but those are just some of my hobbies. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going do after high school. As of now, I am looking at going to trade school to be a power lineman or helping my dad run the company business.

Sam Creech - WR/DB

My name is Sam Creech and I play cornerback and wide receiver. I've played football since freshman year, and I play because it's always been an enjoyable sport, I enjoy being around my teammates and messing around with them. I have two brothers, my younger brother Blaise who's an amazing athlete and my older brother Jack who's as intelligent as they get. I have two loving parents Charity and Kevin who've always helped me through issues and always put me and my interests first. Some hobbies of mine are snowboarding and running track. My plans after high school are to attend college and major in business while also helping coach Track.

Ryder Minisce - WR/DB

I’m Ryder Minisce, I play Cornerback and Wide Receiver. I love football because I have always been passionate for the sport since I was a little kid. With my family I like to go camping and boating, we also love animals/pets. Hobbies I enjoy are spending time outdoors, swimming, and watching football games with my dad. I plan to go to college to run track and learn.


Gage Wray - WR/DB

My name is Gage Wray and I play wide receiver and safety. I have 2 brothers, both of which play football as well. Ryder, my youngest brother, is 10 years old and is starting tackle football this year and plays quarterback. Easton is going into his sophomore year and playing quarterback and safety on JV. My parents are Corky and Angelee. I’ve played football since I was 5 years old. I love to play football because I love of the thrill of the game and also love hanging out and messing around with my friends. My other hobbies include baseball, hunting and fishing. After high school I plan to attend college where I want to get a major in business and a minor in communications and I would also like to play baseball wherever I attend.

Nick Presleigh - Guard/Defensive End

Nick Preseligh will play an important role for the Cougars this year as a lineman on both sides of the ball. He has continued to work hard through the off season in the weightroom and is set to have a great season. The biggest reason that he loves the game of football is the comradery he has found with his teammates. Nick is the middle child of five siblings, and enjoys fishing and dirt biking outside of football. His plans for next year are to go to college for project management. 

Kaden Alayan - WR/DB

My name is Kaden Alayan. I play wide receiver, cornerback, and returner, and have been playing these positions all 4 years of my high school career. The reason I play football is to be able to play a sport with some of the people I enjoy the most. I have my mother (Debbie), Father (Hooty), Brothers (Trevor and Ashton) and Little sister (Mila). My hobbies consist of automotive work, snowboarding, fishing, and helping Hank Bisset cook steaks because he sucks at cooking them. My plan after high school is to attend the University of Texas for my masters in architecture.

Team Roster 2023

Jake Lewis - RB/LB

I play RB/LB on our team. The number one reason why I love football is the way that the sport challenges me to bring out my best. Football has created an environment that I love being involved in. Football isn't the only sport that I play, as I also enjoy basketball and track. I have two loving and supporting parents as well as an older brother. My plan after high school is to attend Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. I plan on working through their pilot program and becoming a pilot. I am also working on joining the track team there so I can still be involved with athletics.  

Senior Bios

Connor Crum - QB and Safety

Connor will play a pivotal role for the Cougars this year as he enters his third season of playing football at the varsity level. After a strong junior campaign he will look to follow it up with an even better senior year behind the helm of the Cougar’s offense at quarterback. He will also be playing a huge role on the defensive side of the ball at safety.  When asked why he loves football his response was easy,  “There’s no place I’d rather be than on the field with buddies on a Friday night or even the practice field during the week”. His family consists of Brian Crum (Dad), Emma Crum (Sister), and Hailey Crum (Sister). Away from the field Connor enjoys fishing, baseball, and hanging with friends. After this season he plans on attending a four year university. 

Matt Blankenship - TE/DE

I am Matthew Blankenship, I play tight end and defensive end and I wear number 4. I love football because it challenges me to be my best at any given moment. Another reason I love football is because it has brought me very close to teammates and I have many friends because of it. I love to hunt and fish. In the summer I love to boat and in the winter I love to ski. My parents Donna and Dan have supported me throughout my entire football experience and I am very grateful for it. I am undecided on what I am going to do after high school.

Reid Abrahamson - OL/DL

I play football because I love the physicality and the companionship of it. I live with my mom, dad, and dog. I also have an older brother. In my free time I love to travel and experience the different cultures of the world.  After high school, I plan to go to college to study business and statistics.



Name  YearHtWtOffDef

Jackson Hersch           



2Eli Clayson126'3195TEDL
3Kadan Alayan125'9160WRDB
4Matt Blankenship126'5180TEDL
5Sam Creech125'11165WR
6Brady Kennedy115'10160RBDB
7Connor Crum126'1180QBDB
8Easton Herberger126'0195RB
9Trevin Harrison125'10180WRLB
10Jack Foley116'5195WR
11Jackson Cocco126'0150WR
12Mason Chambers116'0165QBDB
13Gage Wray116'0170WR
14Ryder Minisce126'3170WR
15Jordan best116'3145WR
16Eddie Jackson116'1160WR
17Braven Pieler105'8165RB
18Easton Wray106'1145QBDB
19Andrew Imhoff116'5175WR
20Angel Valenzuela105'11190RB
21Ben Cockrum126'1170RB
22Connor Calvert126'4205KP
23Caden Illingworth126'1195WR
24Sam Paskewich115'11195RB
25Trey Wallace115'9205RB
26Jake Lewis125'11165RB
27Evan Worthington105'7200RB
28Gabe Pinkerton105'9140RB
29Jackson Urbach105'10155RB
30Cooper Garus105'9145TELB
31Antonio Mendoza105'7120WR
35Ben Limoges105'11170TELB
36Jamison Cocco106'1135WR
38Owen Brand105'9155WR
39Tristan Adkinson105'8145RB
41Trevor Alayan105'8140WR
42Cooper Naranche105'10150WR
43Sam Lefaver105'9190RB
50Garren White116'1215OLDL
51Nick Presleigh126'2200OL
52Easton Herberger126'0195OL
53Cal Carter106'0180OL
54Cameron Derr106'2175OL
55Boston Fertig126'2170OL
57Garrett Oatman105'10190OL
58Liam Williams126'0225OL
62Peyton Merkord116'0165OL
64Reid Abrahamson125'11255OL
68Tate Sparks105'5220OL
70Khyler Effingham126'2275OL
71Hank Bissett126'0190OL
72Elliott Willis106'0210OL
73Jaxton Ashley106'1200OL
74Dominic Valdez115'8225OL
75Cody Calvert106'1270OL
76Damian Micheletti106'2190OL
77Jaycub Engstrom115'10270OL
80Jacob Watters105'9135WR
82Eli Bozovich105'8145TEDL
83Quinn Goewy106'2165WR
84Gage Miller116'2160WR
85Noah Sanabia105'6175WR
86Eli Vance106'3160TEDL
87Langston Belding116'1200TEDL
88Griffin Johnson105'8110WR
89Carter Wilson105'9150WR