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We have all had a lot taken away from us.  There are times we don’t know when normal will return.  On a Tuesday in late April, a Friday night in September can seem so far away.  But there is so much ahead of us.  So much to look forward to and so many things that make Football the greatest sport and so important to the High School experience.  This captures it all.  This is why we put in all the hard work.  Why we workout when no one is looking.  Why we watch film for hours.  Because there is nothing like 7pm.  Lights on….music blaring…crowd in a frenzy…..and kickoff.  An entire week of preparation and hard work comes to a climax…and we get to play.  Play a game we love.  Coach a game we love.  Watch a game we love.  We all miss these types of moments right now.  But they are coming again.  Soon.  Be ready boys!  Be ready!


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 Crum's Corner 


 September  18, 2020

We got to the first week of school!  And a week of smoke….We were able to provide 30 days in the weight room this summer to help with the physical and mental wellness of our players.  Great work! And now, one week of CDL in the books!  I am impressed with how much better this has been than the spring.  Remember- These grades count. And they will count for eligibility in the FALL! Take your academics seriously and open doors in your future!

We are also just 10 days away from being able to get back into the facilities at MV and begin some actual Football practice. 

The fall will be broken down into 4 seasons:
            -1A= Moratorium through Sept 27th.
            -1B= Sept 28-Oct 26; Spring Priority; Fall #2 (T/Th)
            -1C= Oct 26-Nov 20; Fall Priority #1 (M/W/F)
            -1D= Nov 30-Dec 28; Winter Priority #1; Fall Priority #3 (T/Th 6:30-8 in weight room)
Confused…….See the calendar in the tab above!

So what does this all mean?  We can begin to prepare for our actual spring season with 20 FB practices spread over the next 2 months.  This is an excellent chance to make up for the losses of Spring Football, Linfield Team camp, Summer 7 on 7; and normal fall camp.  In season 1B we will practice on Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:00-6:15 and during season 1C Mon/Wed/Fri 4-6:15.  Starting in late October, we will also plan on doing 7 on 7 and lineman challenges in Redmond.  Those details are still being decided.  Our goal is to provide as many opportunities for our players as possible in these interesting times. They deserve nothing less! And they can do it in a way where we allow multi-sport athletes to not get caught in the middle of choosing a sport.  That is very important.  

To be able to practice, we will need to be able to strictly follow important safety rules.
COVID/Safety protocols:
    -To practice, all players MUST have registered with Family ID and have a valid physical            on file with the MV athletic office. 
    -Masks are required at all times inside AND outside when less than 6 feet apart.
             -Once we step on the practice field, all players and coaches will wear masks.
    -The locker room is not available for storing clothes/gear.  Players come ready to go.
    -You must bring your own water bottle.  We can’t provide water.
    -No protective gear.  Just cleats, shorts, shirt.  Black, red, white, grey. 
    -No person to person contact allowed.  We can hit bags. 7 on 7 is allowed.
    -All equipment will be sanitized at the end of each practice. 
    -Hand sanitizer will be used before, during, and after each practice.

It is incredibly important that we continue to follow these safety protocols and show that we can practice and play this great sport safely.  

Our first practice will be on Tuesday, September 29th at 4pm on the main practice field at MV.  Starting at 3:30, in front of the stadium, we will be selling an optional Fall Spirit Pak. 
            -$20= 2020 MV Football “Dig the Ditch” shirt and a MVFB branded mask
            -Checks can be made to MV Football. 

On Thursday, Oct 1st, we plan on passing out the 2020 Gold Card for important team fundraising.  Fundraising has become a little more difficult this fall yet we still have costs.  Each player will receive 10 cards valued at $20 each and will be asked to safely sell them during the month of Oct.  Prizes will be available for players and player teams who sell the most cards.  More info to follow.  

Finally, we will be hosting a Middle School Football camp at Sky View Middle School starting on September 28th on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-6pm for three weeks.  We can’t let our 6-8th graders have nothing this fall.  MV coaches and players will help lead. Sign-ups are through Bend Parks and Rec.

I am extremely excited to get started. And that is a very big understatement….trust me! The path of this year has been an interesting one and will continue to have some twists and turns. But we will continue to be flexible and adjust when needed.  And we will be optimistic that the spread of this disease continues to decline, our metrics improve, we get back into the school building, and we prepare ultimately for February 22, 2021 and our REAL football season.  And we will Dig the Ditch together to get there!  

Work Hard – Work Smart – Work Together
Go Cougs!
Coach Crum