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  Spring 2020

Well…..what do we have here….Not at all what anyone saw coming or was prepared to deal with.  One of the hallmarks of any successful person and team is the ability to be flexible and deal with adversity.  That is certainly what we have with COVID-19 and its affects on school, sports, and our everyday lives.  For more than an month now, we have been at its mercy as we have been quarantined in our homes and forced to Remote Learning for school.  I have sent several emails in this time about our attitude in facing this obstacle, caring about one another, and taking care of our academic, athletic, and social business. This period in our lives will be solely determined by how we deal with the crisis, not what it did to us! 
I know families and individuals are hurting greatly.  Several of you have lost your jobs and are experiencing financial insecurity.  Many are worried about the future of football this summer and into the fall.  I feel for everyone as we deal with these issues on a daily basis. As I have said several times so far, we learn more about ourselves during times of crisis than during times of success.  There is a way to move beyond this period as better students, athletes, sons, and citizens.  It takes the power of a positive attitude, time for reflection, and a daily dedication to consistency and then beyond to excellence.  There will be ups and downs throughout it all and days when we don’t think we can do this anymore. Days that are dark and hard to recover from.  But then a new day will come, we rely on our support system, and we can look for the silver linings in this that allow us to move forward. Those include time with family and time to work on the things we never have time for. 
What do we know:
-That school is on a remote basis only through June 11th.  This closes all district facilities and therefore spring practice and Linfield as we know it in its current time frame.  If you have already paid, it is OK to contact them for a refund.  
-That the OSAA will meet on May 4th to determine its next course of action.  They have numerous options concerning summer activities and a calendar that can begin sports again.  It is not worth speculating what that will look like until they release their statement. All of this changes on a daily basis and relies heavily on the Governor’s Plan for Reopening Oregon.   
-That we will move full speed ahead when we know what our options are.  I have been exploring numerous contingencies and we will be ready for whatever we are allowed to do. That could mean Linfield in a later time period in the summer if allowed.  
-That school still matters!  Engage in all of your classes.  Turn assignments in on time. DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAP OF MEDIOCRITY!  The bare minimum to pass is a horrible habit to develop.  You will need the skills in your current classes in your future.  Don’t fall back here. Grades open doors as do skills and study habits.  Be someone we can trust.  
-That you are responsible for staying in shape and using more time to lift, run, stretch, eat correctly, and sleep.  There is no reason to not come out of this time as a better athlete regardless of access to weights.  I have sent numerous emails that contain valuable workout ideas.  Get after them.  Feel free to contact me for more information.  
What we don’t know:
-Everything else!  It's been hard for me to acknowledge that.  
I miss our players.  I miss our team.  I miss our parents.  I miss our coaching staff.  I miss our team energy and culture. I know that we will soon be together again and we won’t take for granted what we have in the Cougar Family. This coming season will be defined quite simply.  By how we respond and what our team culture is now and throughout.  How we support each other, how we connect with each other, and how we stick together even when forced apart.  These are the things that will determine if we are champions.  I have all the trust in the world that we are and will be. 

Play Hard - Play Smart - Play Together

Coach Crum​​​​

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We have all had a lot taken away from us.  There are times we don’t know when normal will return.  On a Tuesday in late April, a Friday night in September can seem so far away.  But there is so much ahead of us.  So much to look forward to and so many things that make Football the greatest sport and so important to the High School experience.  This captures it all.  This is why we put in all the hard work.  Why we workout when no one is looking.  Why we watch film for hours.  Because there is nothing like 7pm.  Lights on….music blaring…crowd in a frenzy…..and kickoff.  An entire week of preparation and hard work comes to a climax…and we get to play.  Play a game we love.  Coach a game we love.  Watch a game we love.  We all miss these types of moments right now.  But they are coming again.  Soon.  Be ready boys!  Be ready!



@ Redmond

7:00 pm
vs Century

7:00 pm
@ Roseburg

7:15 pm
@ Sprague

7:00 pm
vs South Salem

7:00 pm
vs West Salem

7:00 pm
@ Aloha

7:15 pm
vs Summit

7:00 pm
vs McNary

7:00 pm

@ Bend

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