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Civil War + Senior Night = March Madness!

Been too long since I was able to type that heading!  But never March Madness at the same time.  After 16 months and 482 days between contests, we are playing some football!  Thank you to so many who kept the faith along this journey.  Who believed and supported your sons and this program.  It was frustrating and took a lot of turns, but here we are!  The power of the Cougar Family is undeniable. 

It is has been a great 2 game run to start the year.  A 33-3 start at Summit and a BIG 55-27 win on Saturday vs Aloha have created momentum.  And excitement.  This Friday night we host our first HOME VARSITY FOOTBALL GAME since the last time we played Bend High in the Civil War.  Was that in a different universe?  By moving down into Moderate last week, we are now allowed an increase to 150 people on the playing field and 150 people in each set of stands.  The cheerleaders will be there along with the Cadet Corp and it will start to sound like a real football experience which is what we all richly deserve, especially our players.  

Most importantly, our parents can watch their sons play a game they love, and that they have played such an important part in throughout their life.  For Senior night, those players will be given 3 tickets for Friday’s game with other dressing players getting 1-2 tickets.  Senior night will start at 6:40 on the track as we honor our 15 seniors who have given so much to the Cougar Football Program.  Please have your mask on, your smile underneath, and be ready to celebrate with your son.  It has been a special four years.  I will miss them.  And I will this group of parents.  Thank you. 

Our JV’s and Frosh start the week with games on Thursday.  The JV’s are at Bend at 5pm and the Freshman are at home at the same time.  Fans are allowed at both and players will be given 2-3 tickets on Wednesday at practice.  PLEASE make sure to follow all safety precautions so we can continue to watch.  Games will also all be livestreamed. 

2 weeks down.  4 left.  Let us keep digging!    

Play Hard – Play Smart – Play Together!


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Cougs vs Bend

Cougs @ Summit

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Cougs @ Ridgeview


03/06Sat7:15 pm@ SummitW 33-3
03/13Sat4:30 pm
vs Aloha (@ S Salem)W 55-27
03/19Fri7:00 pmvs BendW 33-21
03/26Fri7:00 pmvs SummitW 7-3
04/02Fri7:00 pm@ RidgeviewW 48-16
04/09Fri7:00 pm@ BendW 44-7

We have all had a lot taken away from us.  There are times we don’t know when normal will return.  On a Tuesday in late April, a Friday night in September can seem so far away.  But there is so much ahead of us.  So much to look forward to and so many things that make Football the greatest sport and so important to the High School experience.  This captures it all.  This is why we put in all the hard work.  Why we workout when no one is looking.  Why we watch film for hours.  Because there is nothing like 7pm.  Lights on….music blaring…crowd in a frenzy…..and kickoff.  An entire week of preparation and hard work comes to a climax…and we get to play.  Play a game we love.  Coach a game we love.  Watch a game we love.  We all miss these types of moments right now.  But they are coming again.  Soon.  Be ready boys!  Be ready!


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Cougs @ Bend

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